WordPress website speed is important or not

You have never visited a website with a slow load. It was very frustrating. It was the same as when your WordPress website loads very slowly for them. The visitors are unforgiving that the website takes more than 2 sec to load. 79% of customers say that it was a poor web performance. So, website loading time is an important factor.

The most important reason for WordPress speed being crucial to your website’s success is mentioned below.

1. Search Rankings

Google made website speed an official ranking in 2010 and it has increased in importance after that. This means a website with slow website speed negatively influences the SEO and thus affects the search engine rankings. Google has emphasized that website speed is a ranking signal that the relevance of the website is more weight than overall speed. Only 1 % of all Google search queries are affected in their search rankings because of only the website’s slow speed.

2. eCommerce Success

The website speed is correlated with the success of online shops. This is because the users like the fast-loading website and response times. autoAnything revealed that the homepage loading time cuts to half and they experienced a 9% increase in conversion rates and 11% increase in ticket size and a 13% increase in sales. The studies say that Edmunds cut 7 sec off their site load times and get a 17% increase in page views and a 3% increase in ad revenge to improve user experience by speeding up their website loading times. So, when eCommerce websites decrease the loading time, it will positively affect their revenue. Lately, Mozilla enjoyed 60 million firefox downloads after increasing its website speed to 2.2 seconds faster. There are plenty of case studies showing their overall page speeds and generating more revenue.

3. Mobile Experience

The user experience is important for all websites. Slow websites affect desktop users. The use of mobile devices is on the rise, and 61% of mobile users say that they are not interested to return to a mobile site with low speed. Mobile users expect a website to load as quickly as desktop and tablet. According to eMarketer.com, by 2019, mobile advertising positively affect business. If you are spending a large amount of marketing budget on mobile ads, page speed is the priority. Mobile users search for everything through mobile phones.

How to Check Website Speed

If you want to check the WordPress website speed, then use the below free tools.

  • Pingdom
  • YSlow
  • GTmetrix
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

You can simply input your URL and the tool analyze the website with a variety of factors like page speed, image download, HTML/JS/CSS, locations, CDN performance, page sizes, total no.of request, etc. We can conclude that WordPress website speed is very important. It will make positive results on many other factors like website ranking, user experience, revenue, etc.