Blockchain Technology

Accruon Technology is updated with the latest technologies. With Blockchain technology, Accruon helps you to make transactions stronger between sender and receiver. The payment gateways are made extremely secure and confidential.

Our team continuously researches blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Because of the effective learning and research process, Accruon become the best mobile app development company in Kerala. The blockchain records and stores all the data exchanges. This record is known as a ledger and the exchange data recorded is known as transactions. When a transaction is verified and it is added to the ledger as one block and a network of nodes is used. When a new transaction is verified, it is added to the blockchain. The blockchain is connected through so many computers called nodes and each computer has a copy of the blockchain. These nodes assure the transaction and that transaction is always written to the block only if it has a larger number of nodes.

Accruon ensures the role of blockchain technology in business. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and has a high impact on every sector. Our focus is to apply it to main sectors depending on the client’s needs.